The UCD SMJ accepts and publishes a diverse array of articles that are health-related. This includes original research articles in areas of biomedical technology, basic science, translational, clinical and surgical disciples of medicine, commentary on health policy, interview and career pieces, reflections on patient perspectives and medical ethics. Most pieces that are health-related will be acceptable.



→ Who can apply?

We will accept articles from undergraduate and post-graduate students in any program of study! Articles can be on any topic, but should have a healthcare angle.

→ What sort of articles are we looking for?

We are looking for an array of article topics and styles. Both finished and in-progress articles or concepts are accepted.  Please download our Author Manual or refer below to the Article Types section for more information.

→ How can I submit an article or idea?

  1. Fill out your Submission Form. You can find it below.

  2. If your article will involve descriptions or photos of particular individuals/patients, please also attach a completed Patient Consent Form. You can find it here.

  3. Fill out the form at or click submit in one of the sub-headers above.

  4. You will receive an email from UCDsmj to confirm receipt of your submission. The UCDsmj editorial team will be in touch soon!

→ What happens next?

Initial submissions will be assessed by the UCDsmj editorial team for quality and adherence to article type guidelines. A short-list will be generated from the submissions received, and if selected, authors will work closely with a member of the editorial team to prepare the submission for peer review. Articles will then be forwarded for internal peer review by the UCDsmj Academic Panel.

Any author whose article requires revisions will be notified and given a revised deadline for submission of the corrected manuscript. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that the corrected article is submitted by this deadline with all requests fulfilled.

The UCDsmj editorial team will then select articles for publication from all revised and peer-reviewed submissions. It cannot be guaranteed that all submissions reaching the peer review and article revision stage will be published. Finished but unpublished articles may be kept on file for consideration in a future edition of the publication.